It’s hard to say, man. I don’t want to give too much away. We’re trying to keep this new EP pretty close to the chest, but it’s such a big part of our lives right now. We don’t know when we’re going to release it, or how we’re going to release it, but we’re working on making it something really special.


Sunday afternoon we met up with our friend Eric at the Sands Motel in Southwest Austin to shoot a video for “Departures.” We’d had exactly two meetings before this weekend. We’d spent maybe 3 hours working out the concept, writing out what shots we needed to get, thinking that (like most things) we’d just show up and see what happened. It would either work or it wouldn’t. He brought his cameras and his friend Lindsay, we brought a hundred dollars worth of beer, a bottle of whiskey, and a bunch of shit that won’t make any sense until you see the video.



We had to move some things around to make the room work- put the fridge in the bathroom, move the microwave under the bed and out of the shot, switch out the fluorescent bulbs for low wattage Edison’s. We had a few beers to loosen things up, put on some music, and got to work.


Fast forward to Monday morning, my head pounding, hangover anxiety through the fucking roof. I woke up at 9:30 and immediately realized that if I didn’t get back to the hotel room to clean it up we were going to be in trouble, because from the little I remember about the last couple of hours of the night before, we hadn’t thought much about it. I laid in bed trying to figure out a way for me to not have to deal with it, and eventually splashed some water on my face and called a cab.


I got in the cab and told him where I was trying to go, and he said “There’s a tree growing out of that rock.”

I said, “Yeah man. Pretty cool.”

“It’s a pecan tree.”


We didn’t talk for the rest of the ride. Windows down, A/C on, one of the first nice days we’ve had in a while. No small talk. No bullshit. Perfect.


He let me out in front of the room and I saw that the door was open and my stomach turned. Several trash bags, filled to capacity, sat in the parking lot. I walked up to the door and a middle-aged woman stared at me from inside of the room.


“Hey, uh, my friend rented this room last night and I was just trying to get here early enough to clean it up so you didn’t have to.”


“Too late. I clean. Too dirty.”




“I’m sorry, we left late last night and my friends- ”


“Tell your friends not to come back. Don’t come back here anymore.”


“Yes ma’am. I’m really sorry. I was trying to get back here to clean it up.”




“… Did we leave anything behind?”


“Just garbage.”


“I’m so sorry…”




She sweeps the carpet with a wooden broom.


“… Did we, uh… Did we leave a statue of an elephant?”


She stops sweeping and stares at me.




“… I’m really sorry.”



I think the video is going to turn out great.

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