This year we released our first album to a room filled with friends and family and people who have been patiently supporting us while we transitioned from who we were to who we are. We saw thousands of miles of the Midwest, played shows for people who had never heard of us, made new friends in places we’d never been, drank beer with strangers outside of hotels and venues after hours, ate too many turkey sandwiches from the cooler in our van on long drives we didn’t plan well enough for, tried to out-weird each other with the music we played through a single working speaker, asked ourselves what the fuck we were doing sometimes and asked ourselves why the fuck we hadn’t been doing this all along other times.
We wrote, recorded, and filmed a video for a new EP that we’re more excited about than anything we’ve ever been a part of, in this or any other project we’ve ever been involved in. We stopped listening to what everyone else was telling us to do and starting making decisions based on what felt the best. What sounded like the most fun. What felt like the right thing to do.

It’s hard to say, man. I don’t want to give too much away. We’re trying to keep this new EP pretty close to the chest, but it’s such a big part of our lives right now. We don’t know when we’re going to release it, or how we’re going to release it, but we’re working on making it something really special.


Sunday afternoon we met up with our friend Eric at the Sands Motel in Southwest Austin to shoot a video for “Departures.” We’d had exactly two meetings before this weekend. We’d spent maybe 3 hours working out the concept, writing out what shots we needed to get, thinking that (like most things) we’d just show up and see what happened. It would either work or it wouldn’t. He brought his cameras and his friend Lindsay, we brought a hundred dollars worth of beer, a bottle of whiskey, and a bunch of shit that won’t make any sense until you see the video.